The Director doesn't do sprays but grows herbs to attract or repel various insects and make the plot look pretty. Mr Stanford doesn't do herbs; he grows sweet peas and has a secret horde of derris dust.

This is what The Director grows for the insects:


Grow lots of Marigolds. African Kilimanjaro, French Tiger Eye, Majestic and English Marigolds. Sown either side of carrots they act as sentries and repel carrot fly. Mr Stanford does this by using a cloche. My favourite are the French Marigolds but the slugs love them as well. We don't understand why but slugs never eat English Marigolds which are great self seeders. Some flew and grew on Gary's plot- but he pulled them out as they're too ordinary for him.


Chamomile is strongly scented and will also deter carrot fly. Very pretty and according to the Director makes a nice tea.


This is my favourite; cascading blue flowers and loved by bees who buzz for hours over it. I like watching bees. Mabel told me without bees there'd be no giant pumpkins or runner beans, so it's important, having bees visit your plot. Wasps also like Borage. They don't look as nice as bees but the Director likes them to visit as wasps eat caterpillars who eat a lot of our cabbages.


The Director told me she's ordered some Bergamot 'didyma' plants. They have pretty red flowers and the bees really like it. She's hoping she can also use it to make Earl Grey tea as this is her favourite drink; although I think she may also like wine.


Nettles are good. We have a patch in the permanent bed. They attract ladybirds... and the complaints of Mr Stanford.


Loveage is liked by beetles. I don't know if this is important but the Director thought it might be.

Wildlife Pond

The Director and Molly made a small pond using a large plastic blue box, into which Molly placed a few large stones 'so they can play hide and seek.' They collected water from the village pond and a green water plant. The pond is sited in the permanent bed and shaded by the comfrey.

Mr Stanford said they needed to make a sort of ladder with sticks otherwise the frogs couldn't get out of the pond to eat the slugs. Molly did this and Mr Stanford thought it looked 'very smart' only he'd not seen any frogspawn in the village pond for years.

I've never met a frog so I hope one comes.