The Director developed the 'Peppers' approach to the time management of allotment gardening:

PlanWhat do you want to achieve, what will 'success' look like?

EvaluateYour plan. If you want runner beans at Christmas, is it feasible? How much time is available?

PrepareWhat resources will you need? How much manure? Have you the seeds?

PositionIn the right place. Sunflowers need sun, marrows water and cabbages like lime.


Red Pepper

ReviewHow are things growing?

SuccessDid you achieve your plan?

Gary liked her PEPPERS plan and asked if she knew about 'plugs'. She didn't. So Gary ordered her some spring cabbages over the internet; they're little vegetable 'plugs' ready to plant out. You dib a little hole and plug it with the ready grown seedling. The Director thought this was a brilliant idea. So did I but I wish it had come from Duffus and not Gary - Gary thinks I'd look better with a turnip head.

If you're really pushed for time, grow more green manures; they're crops which look nice, grow well without human interference and are a good talking point. They do need digging in which can be a drawback.

Sheds save much time transporting tools. However, they may be too tempting to sit in and thus waste time. We're not allowed sheds at Appleton, which is a pity as I'm not sure where I'll go in winter.

You can manage without a shed but I have observed it is harder for humans to manage without a toilet.

Tip - Toilets

Do not use the plot; someone you wish to impress is bound to come along as you are doing so.
If you use a hedge, check carefully for stinging nettles.