September 2017

hin out winter spinach if you are growing any.

You can sow cauliflowers in a sheltered spot. Scatter the seed and gently cover with 1/2 inch of finely sieved soil.

Now is the time to plant out your spring cabbages. If you can, plant where you have harvested your onions or potatoes.

You can also sow lettuce such as Artic King and cover with a cloche.

Keep an eye on your Brussels Sprouts. When leaves start to decay remove. When picking, start from the bottom of the stem and work upwards.
Earth up your leeks. You can use empty toilet rolls or make tubes out of stiff brown paper, slips one over each leek then fastens to a small bamboo cane and then draws up a little soil around its base.

Around the second or third week of this month lift your main crop carrots because if you leave them in the soil much longer the roots will crack.

Lift your main crop beetroot as well; if you forget, like Mabel, they will grow coarse.

It is also time to harvest your main crop potatoes. Sort them out into sizes and only store those in perfect condition, in paper sacks somewhere cool, frost free and dark. Ideally, burn the tops to ensure no infection.

If you have not got your onions out yet, then you must do so now.

Prune your summer loganberries if they have finished fruiting. Simply cut out to the base of the plant for all canes that have borne fruit and train the young canes in their place.

By the third week of September, tomatoes are not likely to ripen any more so pick any with a trace of colour and leave on a sunny window or in a dark drawer with a banana or two. For those that are completely green, make chutney.

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