July 2017

Mulch and feed your runner beans.

Salting runner beans.
If you don't have a freezer, try the old fashioned preserving method. Place sliced young beans between layers of salt in an earthenware or stoneware jar. "Economy in salt will result in failure; it should be used in the proportion of 1lb to every 3lb of beans. Start with a layer of salt, more beans and so on; the layers to be firmed down as filling process, the final layer being salt. The filled jar (covered) [- you can use cling film] should be inspected a week later and another layer or tow of beans and salt added to make up for shrinkage which has taken place. It is essential that the final sealing shall leave the container absolutely airtight.
When the salted beans are required for use they hauled be washed in three or four changes of water, then soaked in warm water for two hours, then cooked in boiling water for about 30 minutes." By G Boff, The Big Book of Gardening published a long time ago.


Before storing for winter, bulbs must be fully ripened. To help with this, scrape the soil away from the bases and leave the bulbs exposed. Bend over their leaves and leave for a few days until the leaves have withered. Lift the clusters with a fork carefully and set out to dry ( a shed is OK for this if rain is coming). Clean away the soil and dead leaves, separate out the bulbs and store - they like cool and dry. Save enough for replanting next year.

Earth up main crop potatoes and keep watch for blight.

Mulch and feed all your squashes and remember - pumpkins like beer!

Keep thinning seedlings - plants are like people, better with space around them to grow

Cut globe artichokes. Do not leave any on teh plants so long as they begin to flower. According to Mr Stanford's bible, the ideal time to cut them is when they are 'nice and plump but before the scales begin to open too much.'

Continue to plant winter greens as you clear the ground of early crops. It is better to do so when showers are around but if very dry, just water well and keep going. Try Kale and broccoli

Sow parsley for winter and early spring use.

Remember to pinch out side shoots of tomatoes and to keep feeding them. Tomatoes like lots of attention. If they get dry and are then over watered they will split their skins and not taste that nice. You need to keep their roots well mulched - grass or coconut flakes are good for this.

Sit with your scarecrow for a while, cold days will come soon enough.

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