January 2017

May 2017 be kind and good year for you.

Weather will play a big part it what you can do this month.

If you live where there is snow, then remember to shake it off cloches and your scarecrow's hat if she (he) is still on your plot. Gloves that slip over the end of the arm poles would also be welcome.

If your ground is frozen, then wheel out manure and tip into heaps near where you want to spread it as soon as conditions get better.

Don't dig immediately after a thaw or heavy snow fall as the ground will be too wet on the surface and the soil will not break up easily.

If the weather is really bad, you need to give your scarecrow a shed holiday.

Think about buying/making a cold frame or cleaning/repairing if you already have one. They are really useful to have.

You can sand the handles of your garden tools and once smooth, rub in linseed oil. This will make make the handles better able to withstand wet conditions. Mr Stanford does this each year.
I think it would also be nice if he did this for my pole.

You can't start digging if it is too wet. Wait till we've had some dry days and the soil is soft enough to dig but not so wet that it sticks to the spade like treacle, then start digging. Mr Stanford says that the early digger gets the crops.

Remember if you have broccoli growing to protect the heads as they grow from frost - and the pigeon patrol.

Order your seed potatoes and seeds now! Make sure you are organised with a good seed box, labeled for each month.

Warm up some of the soil where you will be planting early spring seedlings by covering with cloches or plastic sheets - only make sure they are well secured with bricks or wooden logs.

You can cover the crowns of any well established rhubarb with a pot if you want an early crop.

Enjoy mugs of tea and looking at gardening books and start preparing for the growing year. Think about different crops for different weather conditions - a mixture to cover wet, dry, hot or cool growing seasons means that some things will always be flourishing on your plot. You could sketch out what you want to plant where and which month to plant it in. Don't forget to plant for the insects and birds and think about what flowers your scarecrow would like growing around her (or his) pole.

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