November 2016

Remember to plant some bulbs on your plot for spring - they will bring you much cheer

All your pumpkins should be safely gathered in by now in case of frost.

Make a winter home for a hedgehog: use an old washing up bowl, with a hole cut in the side and a drainpipe big enough for the hedgehog to rumble through. Just put it at the bottom of your compost heap and he'll be ready to feast on slugs in the Spring.

Build a wildlife shelter using different sized logs, sprinkled with leaves and prunings from the raspberry canes. It looks nice, in a odd sort of way.

You can start lifting parsnips only Mr S believes it is better to wait for the first frost.

Broadbeans and peas can be sown now, under cloches is best.

You can start to force Rhubarb now if you like but you will need a greenhouse.

You can also plant your garlic - if you like it, which Mr Stanford does not. Make sure it is garlic grown for planting and not from the supermarket. Choose a warm sunny spot with well drained soil for super garlic. Remember to cover your garlic with a cloche or fleece to prevent them being rooted up by birds or a french rabbit. If your plot is very wet, wait till February or you can grow it in pots.

The pigeon patrol will be busy this month so check all your nettings of Brussels, cabbage and all things green.

This is the last month really for planting your fruit bushes and trees.

It is getting colder so your scarecrow may like to spend the winter in a nice dry shed with a good view - and no woodworm.

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