Mabel's CakeMabel makes lots of cakes for everybody, even Gary. She used to have her own teashop, where all the teapots wore 'tea-pot hats'.

My stuffing doesn't need cake but all the allotmenteers seem to like Mabel's cakes. Mabel would make you a cake if she could but they wouldn't travel well, so she is giving me her recipes to share:

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Easter Biscuits

Easy to make and tasty any time of the year

Ginger Fairings

This is an old cornish recipe from Mabel's Grandmother. They're easy to make and keep well in an airtight tin.

Honey and Raisin Bars

Quick and easy to make. Will keep up to 10 days in an air tight container

Jam Thumb Biscuits

A lovely way to put your favourite jam into biscuits.

Lavender Biscuits

Makes about 40 and make a nice change to serve to friends. Will keep well in an air tight container

Melting Moments

Soft biscuits, very good for people who find it hard to chew

Treacle Flapjacks

These are Molly's favourite. Mabel thinks that 'butter is best for cakes' although she did tell me you could use margarine, 'but its quite a different taste dear.' You can use any kind of butter - Mabel uses goat's butter because cow's milk doesn't suit Molly.


Banana and pecan nut cake

This is dairy free and suitable for vegans. It tastes delicious but needs to be eaten within the week. You can leave out the nuts if you wish.

Christmas Cake

This is an old recipe that Mabel's mother used. It needs to be kept for 2-3 weeks before eating and Mr S says it's best without icing -he thinks that spoils the taste.

Courgette Cake

Moist and very tasty with a cream cheese and lime topping. Keep somewhere cool or in the fridge for up to four days.

Dundee Cake

Duffus's favourite cake. Will keep well for up to two weeks in an air tight tin.

Fruit Loaf

This is like a boiled fruit cake; very quick to make and keeps well for a week.

Orange Date Cake

Dates are very good for you - only Mabel can't remember why exactly.

Pumpkin Muffins

These are simply delicious and full of goodness. Very moist and will keep well in an air tight tin for up to five days - if you can resist them that long.

Rhubarb Cake

Mabel says its best to prepare the topping first and then the actual cake mixture. Once baked it's likes to be to be kept in a cool place and eaten within four days. Gary's assistant really likes this cake because it' 'so moist' and 'blends sweet and sharpness.' Mr Stanford still thinks rhubarb is best in chutney.

Rock Buns

Easy to do and children like making and eating them.

Strawberry Cake

This is a Victoria Sandwich with a filling of fresh strawberries. Mabel says it is very nice for a picnic.

Sultana and Orange Cake

A nice moist cake that goes well with a cup of tea on a winter's afternoon

Vegan Fruit Cake

Moist and rich in goodness although needs to be eaten within a week of baking.


Beetroot Chutney

This is Mr Stanford's grand-dad's recipe; great with cheese

Mr Stanfod's Uncooked Rhubarb Chutney

After making, you have to wait three months before you can start eating. The recipe makes 9 1lb jars and will keep well for up to a year.

Plum & Apple Chutney

This is Mabel's favourite; a light bodied but full favoured old fashioned English chutney

Runner Bean Relish

Don't be put off by the idea of eating cold runner beans - this relish is delicious!