These are the links to web sites that everyone except Mabel has mentioned; Mabel doesn't have a computer, she only has books.

Crawley Horticultural Society

They've lots of groups and information about all kinds of gardening - and the society is almost as old as Mr Stanford!

Real Seed Company

This is the only thing Mr Stanford and The Director agree upon; they won't buy their seeds from anywhere else.

Harvest Brighton

From window boxes to community allotments, this is a great project with some wonderful ideas on helping communities grow their own food and enjoy eating locally grown produce.

Heritage potatoes

The Carroll family at Tiptoe Farm in Northumbria grow old and unusual varities of potatoes. Duffus says they're really great and even Mr Stanford will try some next year.

Transition Chichester

The Director is very keen on Transition - they're about making changes to the local community that helps create a sustainable environment. She and Mabel want Appleton to become a Transition Village but Gary does not - he might have to use his car less.

Jon Keays Web Design

Jon specialises in developing websites for non-profit organisations, so he did mine. He said it was unusual, a web-site by a scarecrow,but then I'm an unusual scarecrow.