Wriggles HotelMolly is eight years old and helps Mabel on her plot. Molly has her own little section tucked in a corner where she is growing lettuce, two pumpkins, one row of carrots and three new potatoes. I thought this was a strange mixture until Molly said she only grows what she likes to eat. She really wanted to grow chocolate but it's a very fussy plant and likes somewhere much hotter than here. Molly's also growing a giant sunflower called Russian Mammoth to see if she can beat Mr Stanford and win the Giant sunflower competition this year. That would be good but at the moment, Mr Stanford's sunflower is taller.

Molly has her own pink and green gardening tools, smaller than Mabel's but otherwise the same, and a watering can with daisies on. She gave me a demonstration of it and watered the base of my pole - which would have been nice if it had not reminded me of Horace the dog, who got in a muddle and thought my pole was a lamp-post.

When Molly's not around I keep an eye on her worm hotel. She built it using a pink bucket on which she painted 'Wriggles Hotel' in brown wriggling letters. Mabel gave her tea leaves, banana skins, potato peelings and broken egg shells which Molly put inside her bucket. She then stirred in six handfuls of soil, one handful of tiny twigs before turning the bucket upside down near the pumpkins. It looks very smart although you can't see the worms until Molly lifts up the bucket. Molly counts the worms each week. At the moment there are six staying which is the most we've ever had.

Wriggles HotelPerhaps you'd like to make a worm hotel? I won't be able to keep an eye on it for you but you can e-mail me and let me know how many worms you get to stay: the most Molly has had is six.

Molly and I don't talk much because Molly's deaf and I've taken a vow of silence, but it doesn't matter, we get on just fine. She's drawing me for a competition and says I'm a 'real cool scarecrow'. Actually, I can get quite hot. I keep hoping the Director - whose plot I work on - will get me a parasol, one like Mabel has, raspberry pink with little wisps of lace, to shade my hat from the summer sun, but I don't think she will; the Director doesn't really understand about hats although she understands about chocolate; she always brings some for Molly.