This is where I live, surrounded by fields, hedges, a small gathering of trees and the allotment plots. Nearby there is a convent that has a troublesome bell - it keeps getting stuck.

Vegetables can be very boring - although I think you have to be a scarecrow to know this. It's more fun observing the allotmenteers:

There is Duffus, who is Scottish, 'not yet middle aged' and a plumber although sometimes he looks like a traditional scarecrow. He used to have a wife but she left him - for an electrician.

Gary never looks like a scarecrow. He drives a car that has a folding roof and always ignores me. He is not what he seems but only I know this.

The Director is my boss. She got an allotment plot because her boyfriend Matt left her. I don't know why she thought an allotment plot would help but she did. The Director is about Duffus' age and very nice to work for - even if she doesn't understand about hats.

Molly is fun. She is eight years old and likes worms. The Director does not like worms but knows they are important.

Susan is Molly's mum. I like Susan although I think she may be psychic, so I have to watch my thoughts when she's around. Susan helps Mabel and also does something for Gary, only it's a sort of secret, so I won't tell.

Mabel is my best friend. She has a hat for heads, is 'over seventy' and always has time to talk to me. She gets a bit forgetful though and calls every one dear - even Gary.

I'm the only scarecrow, which I don't mind, not really. I wonder, though, what it would be like if there was another scarecrow. We could discuss scarecrowy things, like the weather, slugs or the state of the vegetables. Only, I'm not really into scarecrowy things.

I'm never busy, like The Director, so I'm keeping a journal. When it's finished I'll let you know.