I get a lot of thoughts. Most of them I keep under my hat but some want to escape, so I'm putting them here.

Foxes play on the plot, the moon shines shadows, the pumpkins keep still and I gently flap in the breeze. Night time can be magical outdoors.” 03/10/2018

Foxes trot past, the owl hoots, leaves brush against my pole, bats dart across the wildlife patch and the moon dances shadows over the runner beans. Sometimes the best time on the plot is at night.” 16/09/2018

I have been enjoying all the blue sky; it reminds me how big and mysterious the universe is.” 07/08/2018

My mind has had a spacious moment - I forgot to update my website. Sorry” 02/07/2018

Don't be too cross with the winter weather as we flow into Spring- neither plants, wildlife or humans can live without water.” 16/04/2018

I don't think it is good to be busy; it's like sowing seeds too closely - everything gets bunched up and nothing really flourishes.” 04/03/2018

Take time for a pause moment each day. You might hear a robin sing, admire a growing snowdrop or your Scarecrow's hat, watch a passing cloud or hear the wind breathing in you.” 11/01/2018

I wish you all a gentle flow into the Christmas Period and a kind and cheerful Christmas Day Love Alice” 14/12/2017

I have been thinking about Christmas. I think I'd like to spend it quietly, with the moon and the stars.” 07/11/2017

I'd like a felt hat decorated with felt blackberries and golden leaves - but Nature does it just as well really” 03/09/2017

My pole is not ageing, it is just changing” 21/08/2017

There is always something to do on an allotment plot but sometimes, it is very good just to be, sit and watch nature flowing on.” 09/07/2017

If you are worrying a lot, do what Mabel does, wear a sunshine hat.” 11/06/2017

I like to flap kindly, that way I don't scare the birds” 08/05/2017

Grow something to give away or for others to enjoy; I've noticed that sunflowers make people smile and sweet peas bring back memories for many.” 03/04/2017

Today I don't have any thoughts worthy of sharing” 20/02/2017

My New Year Aspiration is to do less - not easy if you are a scarecrow” 03/01/2017

Kind thoughts are like moonbeams in a cloudy sky - they shine through.” 02/11/2016

The only place you can ever be is right here, now. My pole knows this, but my head often forgets.” 14/09/2016

The only place you can ever be is right here, now. My pole knows this, but my head often forgets.” 14/09/2016

Pause for a little while and listen to the wind;it always has something to say.” 03/07/2016

One of the lovely things about my job, is that I get to watch the world go by.” 01/06/2016

It's nice to grow things that others will enjoy. Sow some sunflowers - they make people smile and the birds will enjoy the seeds” 18/05/2016

I like holidays but it is nice to be back. You miss the weather when you're indoors alot.” 03/04/2016

I am on my shed holiday, watching the birds in Mabel's garden. It is peaceful, keeping still, watching the world go by.” 07/02/2016

Cultivate a kind and peaceful heart; it will last longer than anything you can grow” 04/01/2016

I am holidaying in Mabel's summer house with a view of the kitchen and garden. It is very restful, having nothing much to do but watch the weather, the birds and Mabel, sewing and baking.” 15/11/2015

Sometimes, staying still is difficult, but it's helpful, when you're not sure which way to go” 09/10/2015

It you don't stand still, you cannot see the clouds passing.” 24/08/2015

Tomatoes are like people, they flourish best with kind care and attention.” 03/07/2015

Take time to chat to your scarecrow; nobody likes being ignored.” 07/06/2015

You cannot manage nature, only work with its patterns.” 09/05/2015

Thoughts are like the wind, invisible, cooling, troublesome, playful, sometimes noisy, sometimes quiet but at least thoughts don't tug at my hat.” 12/04/2015

Don't rush through your days; I think life is a gift, not a race.” 10/03/2015

Don't hurry away your days; pause to hear the birds singing and when everything seems too much, just look at the vastness of the sky.” 10/02/2015

I am on holiday in Mabel's summerhouse. Mabel often sits with me and we doze together. It is very peaceful, having nothing much to do.” 12/01/2015

When Mable is feeling sad she bakes a cake. Her latest one is Banana and pecan nut cake - very easy to make and to share - there is always someone who'd like a piece. And it is OK if you feel a little sad this Christmas; it will fade in time, like frost on a sunlit morning.” 17/12/2014

Thoughts are like the clouds;they often appear big but they never last” 06/11/2014

Take time to watch the moon. It goes no-where yet is always changing.” 06/10/2014

I like people to chat to me; I think it helps them. Gary thinks I'm not good for anything, but that's his thought, not mine.” 10/09/2014

When your head hurts, you need to wear a different hat.” 11/08/2014

Sometimes, it is very peaceful for my head to notice the spaces between things; without space nothing could be.” 01/07/2014

I have observed that wherever you go, you always take yourself.” 05/06/2014

I have observed allotment plots are like minds; it matters what you put in them.” 04/05/2014

Molly is organising an Easter Egg hunt for all the allotmenteers: Lady scarecrows are very good at keeping things hidden.” 06/04/2014

Generousity helps the mind and the heart; I think this is why Mabel is always baking cakes for people” 10/03/2014

Make the most of sunny periods;soak up the sunshine, indoors or outdoors and think of Easter Bonnets” 09/02/2014

Learn to dance in the rain, then, whatever the weather, you'll still be able to play.” 03/01/2014

Grey skies make the trees, hedges and plots seem softer and quieter, as if nature is wearing a giant felt hat.” 01/12/2013

Review your New Year's resolutions - there is still time to make them happen.” 04/11/2013

Send a postcard to someone today; they're much more cheering than Emails.” 04/10/2013

I don't mind if people ignore me; human minds are not like scarecrows, so I just send them some gentle flaps.” 03/09/2013

It is better to be good than great, and Mabel says that gentle kindness lasts longer than any piece of machinery.” 05/08/2013

Thoughts are like rain drops, only rarely as useful.” 01/07/2013

Make friends with yourself; that way whatever the weather, you'll be OK” 13/06/2013

When storms come, make sure you're well grounded.” 18/05/2013

Ribbons are very good for lady scarecrows; they chuckle in the lightest of breezes and make people smile. When people smile at you they are no longer strangers.” 14/04/2013

Nature doesn't do 'catching up.' Nor does life so it's best not to be too busy then you never get behind with anything.” 09/03/2013

I think all scarecrows should have a shed holiday in the winter; there's not much to do and your head and pole can go quiet.” 12/02/2013

Happiness isn't all about hats; it is also about what is happening in your inner pole.” 01/01/2013

I like standing on the plot in November, watching the leaves fall and the shapes of trees appear; it is very peaceful.” 19/11/2012

Learning to do nothing takes time; but scarecrows have a lot of that.” 15/10/2012

Seasons happen,and they don't last - just like life.” 10/09/2012

A scarecrow's life can be very peaceful; we're very comfortable at staying silent” 19/08/2012

It is good to remember that snails and slugs are made happy by all this rain. The same cannot be said of my hat or my pole.” 07/07/2012

Rain doesn't set out to spoil strawberries, holidays or my hat; it is of the nature of rain to be wet. I think however, I need an umbrella” 18/06/2012

Hats define a scarecrow like branches define a tree” 02/05/2012

If you are weary - rest. Let your pole be still, your thoughts met kindly and welcome the space around you.” 24/04/2012

Mabel has given up making cakes for Lent so I thought I'd give up thinking about Easter Bonnets. I'd like one,with long yellow ribbons and rosebuds stitched upon a cloud soft rim. It is very hard, giving up thinking about bonnets” 04/03/2012

Sometimes,when the moon is hidden and the owl screeches and the clock is stuck at night,I worry what might happen to my pole. Mabel say's when her pole gives up she's going to be 'stardust dear,and twinkle through the sky'. I wonder if a scarecrow could do the same?” 04/02/2012

A holiday on your own is very peaceful, although it's nice when Mabel visits me and Lucy comes to purr against my pole” 05/01/2012

When you're a scarecrow, being quiet is very important; it gives you time to see the thoughts under your hat.” 22/12/2011

When you're a scarcecrow, people don't always notice you. Mabel says it is the same when your old” 30/11/2011

It is NEVER nice to burn a scarecrow - even a bad one; all you need to do is change their stuffing” 08/11/2011

I like being me - and I hope you like being you.” 20/10/2011

I don't have any thoughts at the moment worth sharing” 02/10/2011

There is space all around me - only most people don't notice this.” 01/09/2011

All humans grumble about the weather but scarecrows know weather is just weather - it doesn't mean to ruin my hat or Mabel's peas.” 01/08/2011

I've been distracted by the rabbit; if you're distracted you forget things - so I'm late with my updates” 03/07/2011

Nature is full of sounds and silence; only you have to listen to hear it all.” 31/05/2011

I think the next best job to being a scarecrow would be arranging the clouds in the sky.” 02/05/2011

When you're on a shed holiday it's very nice to get visitors; Mabel says it's the same when you live alone.” 02/04/2011

Now is the time to start thinking about new hats for your scarecrow; fashions matter when you're a scarecrow” 01/03/2011

If you're in a flap keep your pole still - that way you won't fall over.” 16/02/2011

If someone's baked you a cake, forget your diet; kindness carries more weight than calories.” 20/01/2011

Ladybirds are sleeping in my hat but I don't mind; it keeps them warm and that makes me glad.” 18/12/2010

Everybody is busy planning except me; I only need to be present.” 05/12/2010

Winter is good; the sun's rays sink so low they can travel deep into the earth; this makes the soil and my pole hum - but not my head - only a new hat can do that.” 01/11/2010

Some thoughts are not worth thinking - but they come anyway.” 02/10/2010

I think the sky is very wise; it never closes up, it never minds the clouds, it's always full of stars - and moon.” 30/08/2010

People are more interesting than vegetables - but I think you have to be a scarecrow to know this.” 02/08/2010

The best way to fly is to be a bird” 03/07/2010

When you don't speak, you can hear yourself more clearly.” 01/06/2010

Gary thinks I'm useless but I'm not;I'm just useful in a way he can't understand.” 11/05/2010

'You see a lot, when you stand still.'” 20/04/2010