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Take time for a pause moment each day. You might hear a robin sing, admire a growing snowdrop or your Scarecrow's hat, watch a passing cloud or hear the wind breathing in you.

January 2018

Clean your pots and seed trays - it may be boring but pests and diseases may have nestled in. Make sure your tools are clean and ready for spring. Get your growing plan written up in your Gardener's diary and visit your plot - record how it is looking, maybe the weather and don't forget if your scarecrow might need a new position and new view.
Plan to grow something new this year.

Welcome to Appleton Allotments and my website.

I know its unusual, a website by a scarecrow, but I can't scare, so I study the allotmenteers, their plots, and the moon.

There are five allotmenteers; The Director - on whose plot I stand, Mr S - who knows all about Scaring Pests, Mabel - who bakes cakes for everyone and you can find her recipes in Mabel's Recipes, Duffus the plumber - who knows how to make worm hotels (see Children's Page) and Gary - but you'll have to press the Appleton Allotment signpost to find out more about him - he doesn't understand about scarecrows.

I've tips on bonfires and plot layouts under New Allotmenteers and in Wildlife Care there are ideas about what to grow for vegetable friendly insects.

Under Plot Update, you'll find all the current news, moon considerations for planting and top tips - only the allotmenteers don't always agree on these.

I'm the only scarecrow on the plot, and I don't mind, only sometimes it's nice to have company; so if you've a question, or would just like to say hello, please do email me in Contacts.

Gentle flaps
Alice Scarecrow

Appleton Allotments
Alongside the Orchards
By the pond
Under the sky

“Cultivating goodness”